Rebranding : Visual Identity, Sales & Marketing Materials

Lokre Real Estate Group is a West Coast-based commercial real estate company. It's a devoted family business that has lasted for many decades, but they wanted to rebrand due to the need of a new logo that would resonate with the new generation.

That is the point of this logo. First, we established a space that resembled a real estate floor plan with "L" of Lokre, which was placed on the left and right. The prosperity from one generation to the next generation is expressed by the difference in the width of "L" (from narrow to wide) and the shade of color (from hereditary to new development).

Branding Tip

There are 2 different kinds of logo designs. A "logotype" stands for letters that designed the name of the brand. And a “logo mark” is an identifying mark or symbol. Many companies are using a combination of the two, depending on what is being promoted. An example of this is the Nike logo. Depending on where and on what the logo will be placed, Nike will use either the spelled out NIKE logo type or their famous swish logo mark. In addition to logo designs, it is also important to create two versions of your logo, one horizontal and one vertical, to fit in different sized areas.

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