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Chic Tech is a collaborative hub that connects fashion and technology, born from the concept that if there is such a company, a leverage effect can be expected in the fashion and tech industry.

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Chic Tech's concept is to connect different industries and create new businesses. A new color circle created by overlapping two different color circles: This is the symbol. Futuristic graphic elements made with analog methods express a genuine service that is innovative yet caring from person to person.

Branding Tip

With the recent rebranding boom of high-fashion brands, the logo that used to be serif has changed to sans serif all at once. As a result, they all give an average impression. One of the reasons for accelerating the departure from serif is the difficulty of reading online. Also, with the rise of social media, even luxury brands are no longer supported by customers with a brand-only approach. Nowadays, it has become mainstream to move from the brand to the customer and create what the customer wants together with the brand. Therefore, I would imagine most of the customers don't want serif. However, it may be a good chance to take it in the wrong direction and dare to challenge with the serif logo and set yourself apart from the competition.


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