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Branding Design

No branding no survival.


Branding is to scrutinize the strengths of clients, promote value creation, and create business through brand strategy. The purpose is to match the image that a company wants its customers to have and the image that customers have for that company, and have them connect to sales.

To do so, we will start by establishing a Mind Identity that identifies the strengths that gives your company the edge over others. By verbalizing and visualizing stories that can only be told by the company, we strive to appeal to the emotions of prospective customers, and lead you to close the deal.

Our Process

Branding is consists of 2 parts, Mind Identity (MI) and Visual Identity (VI). MI means the ideal vision and mission of the company. This includes a Tone of Voice, the corporate culture, values & rules shared by all employees. Also, the brands' message or tagline is a tool for prevails the brand’s promise to society.  VI, on the other hand, is a visualization of a company's uniqueness and strengths based on what is extracted from MI. VI includes all the elements of a brand’s visual appeal, such as a logo as a company's face, colors, typography, and images.

1. Discovery & Brand Audit

Everything starts from Research & Analysis. 

First, we need to find the issues you face by conducting a Discovery & Brand Audit.

The purpose of this hearing is to find the most meaningful insights by identifying the following,

  • Your goals

  • Your challenges

  • Your current business position

  • Your market and customers

  • Your unique selling proposition

  • Your competitors

2. Create Mind Identity

Mind Identity is built upon the concept and strategic logic.

what we do circles-step1-rev.png
  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Mission 

  • Value

  • Culture

what we do circles-step2-rev.png

1. Find Brand Essence

  •  Personality, Voice, Tone 

2. Create a Brand Message

  • Value Proposition

  • Tagline

1) Build Brand Heart

Verbalize the above elements based on initial research and analysis. 

2) Define Brand Messaging

Based on findings from step-1, articulate Brand Essence (personality, voice, and tone). And "Brand Message" is created as a brand pillar that includes your strength (value proposition) and tagline.

3. Create Visual Identity

Vision is pivotal for information gathering. We gain 80% of information from sight.

The information extracted from Mind Identity (MI) is used to create effective visuals. This is the creation of Visual Identity (VI). Of the five senses, vision is most closely related to information gathering. Information obtained from the visual sense is stored as a memory. Here, we will specifically design something that appeals to the eyes. As part of that process, we value visual research very much. While creating mood boards and verifying competitors' visual approaches, we design Visual Identity (VI) logically that symbolizes a company's individuality, strengths, products and services in a creative way to appeal to client's target market. VI includes logos, color palettes, typefaces, patterns, images, icons.

4.  Documentation

Guidelines for maintaining a broad and consistent brand.

The finished brand must be properly disclosed to internal and external stakeholders. In general, a brand book is an overview of your company's vision, mission, brand statement, and logo, with the goal of deepening your understanding of your brand internally. A style guide is a detailed explanation of how to use visual identity (VI) for the outside world. 


Visual identity is used by many by their nature. Therefore, the more stakeholders you have, the more chances of misuse. Nowadays, there are more opportunities for brands to provide logo files online to make it easier for third parties and consumers to use their brand logo. The purpose of the style guide is to properly define the usage so that the company's own brand can maintain its authenticity and true value in any situation.

Website Design

Corporate websites are the most powerful and essential marketing tool.


During the pandemic, B2B and start-up business are steadily shifting their lead acquisition methods to online avenues. High-performance websites are the most powerful marketing tools for successful global business; attracting customers, acquiring business leads, and making final purchases.

Our specialty is to create custom websites that speak directly to your target audience. Utilizing the latest third-party platform, we pursue perfecting the best UX and UI design from the user's perspective.

Marketing Design

Acquire a lead in inbound marketing with high-quality design.

The pandemic drove B2B business's operation to be more remote and digital. Many prospects heavily rely on the internet to gather the product or service information they need before they even talk to a salesperson on the phone.

B2B businesses must adopt the shift by focusing on inbound marketing. To do so, first, you need to know exactly who your targets are.


MIHOMI is ready for creating cohesive visual languages to reach out to your targets through all the inbound marketing stages. From attracting potential customers to close the deal and delighting customers for future purchases, MIHOMI knows how to create attractive visual languages that work great on social media, landing pages, and emails.


MIHOMI helps you create compelling creatives for your measurable success throughout all the marketing touchpoints.

Anchor 1 Branding Design
Anchor 2 Website Design
Anchor 3 Marketing Design
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what we do circles-MI-rev.png
  • The Tone of Voice

  • The Corporate Culture

  • Values & Rules 

  • Brand Message

what we do circles-VI-rev.png
  • Logo 

  • Colors

  • Typography 

  • Images

Anchor 4 Environmental Design

Environmental Design

Spread your branding in 3D space.

Environmental design is another great way to strengthen your branding. For instance, having consistent branding across the office environment can connect and clearly communicate with employees. Also, it contributes to visitors a strong branding presence.

The exhibition of company mission or cultural statements creates a huge impact on employee engagement. It is the most valuable asset any company possesses. MIHOMI produces beautiful environmental graphics as a part of a brand extension to appeal to both internal and external audiences.

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