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MIHOMI: Building impactful, NYC-inspired design solutions for businesses that stand out.
Spoonify AI-Powered Food Delivery App

AI-Powered Food Delivery App Branding

Food that feels like you. Spoonify learns your taste and recommends meals you'll love.  No more browsing, just delicious discoveries delivered straight to your door.

ImagiVox OOH

App Branding

ImagiVox is an app that uses stunning visuals to make words stick like never before. Whether you're a word wizard in training or a curious language explorer, ImagiVox makes learning natural, engaging, and most importantly, FUN!

1st Street Interior Architects Webpages

1st Street
Interior Architects

1st Street Interior Architects is a women-owned interior design and architecture firm in New Jersey, creating comfortable living spaces that truly represent their clients.

Tykes Douglas County  Logo

Tykes Douglas County Rebranding (pitch project)

Tykes Douglas County is a comprehensive online hub for all things early childhood in Douglas County, Kansas. Mihomi was invited for the pitch work by Imagemakers and Cause to create this exciting web-first brand identity system. 

Design Services

Elevating brands through MIHOMI's custom design


Build a powerful first impression that drives growth. Supported by genuine communication, I craft strategic and memorable brands that resonate with your audience.


Your Website is the heart of your digital presence. I design beautiful, user-friendly, and functional websites that nurture leads and cultivate loyal customer relationships.

Marketing Design

Create compelling visuals that captivate your audience and drive results. I develop strategic design assets to elevate brand engagement for your next campaign or promotion.

Environmental Graphics

Extend brand engagement beyond screens. I design inspiring and cohesive spaces that connect with your audience in offices or event venues.

Clients Testimonial

Trusted by visionaries. Inspiring design solutions

"As an entrepreneur, one of the most crucial aspects of connecting with customers and delivering continuity is quality marketing and branding. When starting my latest business venture, Tessera Properties, with my business partner we had a variety of design needs that needed to be filled. Mihoko consistently delivers affordable options, exceptional workmanship and hits her deadlines. I highly recommend Mihoko for any and all of your design needs."

Tessera Properties

Co-Founder, Justin Petraglia

"Mihoko is a truly special designer who cares deeply about every project, regardless of its size. She consistently delivers attractive, thoughtful solutions to difficult design problems, often under tight timelines with limited budgets. Mihoko is also a genuine joy to work with and I would confidently recommend her to any client."

Senior Art Director, Jeremy Ford

“Mihomi provided me with very cool logo and website design based on my favorite color, words, things etc. (Startup)” 

Innovation Collective Japan
Founder, Nakazawa Kiyoshi

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