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Tykes Douglas County (pitch project)

Branding : Visual Identity, Website, Social

Tykes Douglas County is a comprehensive online hub for all things early childhood in Douglas County, Kansas. Mihomi was invited for the pitch work by Imagemakers and Cause to create this exciting web-first brand identity system. 

all logo_1 copy.gif

Mihomi created a graphical scene of a safe and supportive community where everyone can speak up, help out to solve similar challenges and enjoy the wins together. The "e" in the logo, symbolized by a smiling human face, represents the heart of the community, while the three lively slanted lines reflect the excitement that emerges from it. The muted color palette has been chosen to express the colors of Douglas County and a slight indication of the color enveloping young children.   

Comp 1_13.gif
Artboard 11 copy 8_2x.png

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