Tessera Properties

Rebranding : Visual Identity, Sales & Marketing Materials

Tessera Property is a luxury boutique property in New York. Due to the company's name change, they needed a more suitable brand that reflected their current status to reach out to their target.

Visual Identity is built upon the company's unique facts. For instance, Tessera Properties runs as a joint business by two founders, and Tessera stands for the number 4 in Ancient Greek. The logo can be divided into two equal parts, which implies a joint management style. And the four central square shapes symbolizing space and the foundation of architecture.

Branding Tip

Good branding is useful for connecting companies and customers and building good relationships. To do this, it's important to research the target well and continue to send the brand message in a way that appeals to them. Because the real estate business has such a high transaction value, it has to win a strong trust from its customers.. Reflecting sophisticated branding in marketing materials will give a better impression to customers and lead to increased credibility.

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