Rebranding : Visual Identity, Sales & Marketing Materials

Monetate is a recommendation engine software service company that provides a system for displaying recommended products and contents to users on EC sites.

Mihomi supported the creation of logos that appeal to women who are consumers of EC site fashion brands (clients of Monetate) and accompanying corporate rebranding. Based on the feminine brand color, mihomi made the Monetate "M" logo mark with a rounded shape that resembles a quarter of the pie chart.

Branding Tip

Do you know SWAG? It's an abbreviation for Stuff We All Get. In other words, it's a product with a corporate logo that you can get for free for promotion. SWAG is a very effective marketing tool because it's used both internally and externally, but with the proviso that it's cool and meaningful. It's very important to consider how the company logo will be instilled in consumers' everyday lives and how it's received. In this way, SWAG becomes both a great advertising medium and useful promotional item.

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