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Kennedy Event Services

Rebranding : Visual Identity, Sales & Marketing Materials

This is a rebranding project. Kennedy Event Services is an event production company with a long history. We received a request to create a logo that will be accepted by the new younger generation while retaining the remnants of the existing logo.

In order to appeal to young people while retaining the atmosphere of the existing logo, we used a thicker, diagonal font and a slightly brighter, vivid green color. The result is a dynamic and exciting logo that reflects the energy of event production.

Branding Tip

Most great brands have a good brand color palette. Apple is black, silver, and white; Airbnb is coral red; and McDonald's is yellow and red. Your customers also identify your company by color. For that reason, you need to be careful when choosing and using your logo color. To avoid confusion, it is recommended that the logo design should not use more than 3 colors and should be simple. It's important to fit all touchpoints (digital, print, large and small format) well.

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