Innovative Collective Japan

Branding : Visual Identity, Sales & Marketing Materials

Innovative Collective Japan (ICJ) is an NPO created for the purpose of connecting Japanese companies and organizations with international networks.


At the request of the founder, we created ICJ’s logo/brand with the image of the Earth in mind. The blue color imitates the freshness of Earth. The theme of roundness, representing the shape of the Earth, symbolizes the wholeness of a company and its people. The connecting line between each sphere, ultimately creating the letters I, C, and J, represent how the company connects its clients through extensive global networks.

Branding Tip

If you have a global market, it’s essential for your corporate website to not only be multilingual, but multicultural. However, it’s not enough to simply only translate it to English (or any other language). While maintaining brand consistency, it’s important to carry out marketing based on the local culture and characteristics of the target country. Don’t forget to consider the local SEO (search engine optimization) as well.

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