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Branding Design

No branding, no survival.


Branding is a process of identifying and promoting a company's strengths, creating value, and building a dynamic brand strategy. The goal is to create a unified image that resonates with customers and drives sales.

To achieve this, we will first develop a Mind Identity for your company, highlighting your unique strengths and differentiating you from the competition. We will then use unique storytelling to create emotional connections with potential customers and drive them to purchase your products or services.

Our Process

Branding is a two-part process: Mind Identity (MI) and Visual Identity (VI). MI is the company's ideal vision and mission, expressed through its tone of voice, corporate culture, values, rules, and brand message. VI is a visual representation of the company's uniqueness and strengths, extracted from MI. It includes all the elements of a brand's visual appeal, such as its logo, colors, typography, and images.

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  • The Tone of Voice

  • The Corporate Culture

  • Values & Rules 

  • Brand Message

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  • Logo 

  • Colors

  • Typography 

  • Images

1. Discovery & Brand Audit

Research and analysis is the foundation of everything we do.

First, we conduct a discovery and brand audit to identify their challenges.

This hearing functions to uncover the most meaningful insights by exploring your goals, challenges, current business position, market and customers, unique selling proposition, and competitors.

2. Create Mind Identity

Mind Identity is built upon the concept and strategic logic.

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  • Purpose

  • Vision

  • Mission 

  • Value

  • Culture

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1. Articulate and define

  •  Personality, Voice, Tone 

2. Create a Brand Message

  • Value Proposition

  • Tagline

Step 1) Articulate Brand Heart

Research and analyze your purpose, vision, mission, values, and culture. Then, verbalize the essence of your brand based on your findings.  

Step 2) Develop Brand Messaging

Based on the findings in Step 1, articulate the brand's personality, voice, and tone to create a brand message that includes your value proposition and tagline as a brand pillar.

3. Create Visual Identity

Vision is our primary sense for gathering information. We receive 80% of our information visually.

We create Visual Identity (VI) with information extracted from Mind Identity (MI) to design visually appealing visuals.

As part of the VI design process, we value visual research. We create mood boards and analyze competitors' visual approaches to design a logical that symbolizes a company's individuality, strengths, products, and services in a creative way that appeals to the target market. VI includes logos, color palettes, typefaces, patterns, images, and icons.

4.  Documentation

A guide to maintaining a consistent brand.

It is crucial to have clear documentation in place to ensure your brand is consistent across all touchpoints. This documentation should include a brand book and a style guide.

Brand guides: A brand guide articulates your company's vision, mission, brand statement, and logo. It serves to help employees understand and internalize the brand.

Style guides: A style guide is a detailed explanation and usage of your visual identity (VI) in all marketing materials and communications. It includes information on proper logo usage, colors, typography, and imagery.

Many people are involved in sharing visual identity, which increases the risk of misuse. That is why it is essential to have a clear and concise style guide in place. The style guide should define how your VI should be used in all situations so that your brand maintains its authenticity and value.


Website Design

Corporate websites are the most powerful and essential marketing tool.


During the pandemic, B2B and start-up business steadily shifted their lead acquisition methods to online avenues. High-performance websites are the most powerful marketing tools for successful global business, attracting customers, acquiring business leads, and making final purchases.

Our specialty is to create custom websites that speak directly to your target audience. Utilizing the latest third-party platform, we pursue perfecting the best UX and UI design from the user's perspective.

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Marketing Design


Acquire leads with inbound marketing and high-quality design.

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to remote and digital operations for B2B businesses. Prospects now rely heavily on the internet to research products and services before even talking to a salesperson.

B2B businesses need to focus on inbound marketing to reach their target audience. The first step is to understand your target audience precisely.


We can help you develop cohesive visual languages to reach your target audience at every stage of the inbound marketing funnel. From attracting potential customers to closing deals and delighting customers for future purchases, we know how to create visually appealing designs that work well on social media, landing pages, and emails.


We help you create compelling creatives that will drive measurable success across all your marketing touchpoints.

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Environmental Design

Spread your branding in 3D space.

Environmental design is another noble way to strengthen your branding. For instance, having consistent branding across the office environment can connect and clearly communicate with employees. Also, it contributes to visitors a strong branding presence.

The exhibition of company mission or cultural statements creates a significant impact on employee engagement. It is the most valuable asset any company possesses. We produce beautiful environmental graphics as part of a brand extension to appeal to internal and external audiences.

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